3 Steps You Can Take to Better Health Today

One of my favorite quotes about better health is “You gotta nourish in order to flourish”. It reminds me of a blooming flower. Before it blooms, it’s nothing special — but after, it’s reborn to its highest self. In a way, we’re much like flowers. Blooming can be a metaphor for so many aspects of life, but I find it to relate most to being at your absolute best.

Think of yourself as a delicate flower. I’ll be a sunflower since those are my favorite. What are some ways you can take better care of yourself so you too will bloom? You only have this one body, so you should want to treat it right! Here are some steps I’m taking to better health lately.

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Take your vitamins

In case you didn’t know, I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Nutrition. So, let’s have a little lesson on vitamins and why they’re important for optimal health!

Vitamins are substances that are needed for normal cell function, development, and growth. Vitamins give your body the nutrients needs to be at its best. If you aren’t getting sufficient amounts of vitamins from your typical diet, it may be a good idea to explore supplemental nutrition such as gummy vitamins!

Wellpath (click here) offers a range of yummy gummy vitamins to take when needed for different reasons like immunity boost, sleep, etc!

Beyond taking vitamins, to get a better understanding of how your body is functioning, you could opt for a test of some sort. Usually, what’s happening on the inside plays a big part in how you feel on the outside. Let’s explore that further.

check your body

It’s important to treat your body as a precious host of your being. Self-care goes beyond positive affirmations. Ensure you’re getting good sleep, drinking enough water, and eating healthy. A happy vessel leads to a happy immune system which propagates a happy mind!

After having a mini health scare in 2020, I was no stranger to getting my hormone levels checked monthly. Although I’m not visiting hospitals anymore, I wanted to find a way to check in on my body and understand what it needs at a cellular level.

Vivoo (click here) is an at-home urine test strip paired with an app that provides lifestyle and nutrition advice unique to your body’s needs.

You’ve taken your vitamins, run some tests, now what? The easiest lifestyle advice to implement is to just move! Moving around has many benefits in not only your body but also your mind. Want to know my favorite moving-around activity?

move around

My roommate and I go on walks by the lake most days. I’ve noticed at times where I’m most active, I’m feeling amazing! An activity as simple as a walk has benefits of improved circulation, supporting your joints after many hours spent in a chair, and a lighter mood.

If you live in Austin, Texas you may be familiar with this gorgeous view!

I feel so lucky to live in a city like this one. There are plenty of activities and you’re always met with that sweet southern charm. No matter where you are, find yourself a health and wellness community — it’ll hold you accountable!

on your way to better health

All it takes is some self motivation and a positive attitude. Let’s make 2021 the year of better health!

Thank you for taking the time to read this health and wellness piece. I’m so happy to find the time to be writing again. Health and wellness is a topic that is close to my heart, and I hope to write more pieces related to it soon. Are you planning on implementing any of these steps in your daily routine? Let me know in the comments below!

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