I love to create! Whether that be photography, web design, or writing — I do it all.

Click, Click!

It all started with photography six years ago. I took senior portraits of my friends celebrating their success and did pregnancy announcement photos for my pre-Calculus teacher during an exciting time in her life! I realized then that I enjoyed capturing the life-changing moments of others. Throughout life, I’m always searching for meaning — finding the extraordinary in the mundane. There’s a beauty to living life romantically, as you’ll come to know and love while on this journey with me!

Designing Websites.

I’ve always loved pretty aesthetics — and I’ve turned that passion into another career path recently: user experience design. UX design is like web or app design. I’d love to chat about your website needs if you’re a small business looking to grow!

Sharing Brands I Love.

I enjoy creating content for brands with a meaningful message — whether that be sustainability, clean ingredients, health-conscious, wellness-based, etc. If you think we’d be a good fit — see my Instagram and send an email!